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A lot of guests come to Moscow every day, so it may be difficult to book a room in a comfortable and cosy hotel after you arrive. To avoid accommodation issues, book a room in Vega Izmailovo directly on the hotel's official website. Here you can find the most recent offers and get the best deal, pay for your room online or book a room and pay when you arrive. Choose the option that suits you best, select the days of arrival and departure, number of guests and rooms. After the booking process is complete, you'll get a voucher as an electronic confirmation of reservation. With confirmed reservation you can be sure that you'll have comfortable vacation or business trip in Moscow, not wasting any time on searching a hotel.

Choose the most convenient way for booking our hotel in Izmailovo, Moscow:

Our advantages

We save your time.

You won't have to waste time trying to find a place to stay when you come to Moscow, as you will know exactly where you are going to stay.

Fast and convenient booking.

Book a room in the Moscow hotel fast and easy at our official website. All you need is Internet connection. After you have filled in the reservation request, you have a comfortable place to stay in Moscow. You can also add additional services at booking and tell us about the time of arrival.

Money-saving and easy paying methods.

You can pay for your room with cash or bank card at the time of reservation or at check-in.

Further discounts and offers.

Making a reservation, you can use a promo code to get a discount. Additionally, there are less expensive rates with included meals.

We are pet-friendly.

Our hotel can accommodate your pet, just inform our receptionist in advance to learn the rules of staying with pets and get a proper room to make the stay comfortable for all guests.