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Rules for Staying with Animals

We will be happy to meet your pet and create favorable living conditions for it.

For the love of animals, we often hold contests among cats and dogs in the Congress Centre of the hotel and winners of the All-Russian competitions stay in Vega Izmailovo Hotel.
To ensure the comfort of all guests, only cats, dogs and birds are allowed to be accommodated in our hotel.

During a room booking, check whether it is intended for living with our younger friends.
Please remember that a pet can stay in the room only under your supervision.
In corridors, halls and elevators an animal over 5 kg. have to be kept on a leash and in a muzzle, a bird - in a cage.

In the room, the bird should be in a cage.
The number of pets allowed for accommodation depends on the number of rooms in the suite: one animal can live in one room.
Pet fee per room: 1,000 roubles per day.

If weighing more than 5 kg, a deposit required: 5,000 roubles.
Pet passport will be required at check-in.
The guest commits to comply with the sanitary and hygienic conditions in the room and on territory of the hotel.