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Vega restaurant serves buffet meals (breakfast, lunch – pre-order, please, – and dinner);
Gusi-Lebedi restaurant offers you à la carte dining.

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Excellent hotel

The hotel is outstanding. While it has favorable prices, the services are excellent. The rooms are not big yet are comfortable and well-equiped, are cleaned regularly and well. The interior design is nice and modern. Breakfast offers huge variety of dishes, including Russian flavors. You will not get bored of it on the long run. The staff is polite and kind, speak well in English, and appreciate if you try to speak a bit of Russian. The location is great, just 15 minutes from the Red Squre on metro. Large car park is located in front of the hotel. I highly recommend this hotel!

Big but professional

I went with group (French so exigent;) the good points of this hotel is that more or less is a real four stars regarding European level. The personal is really wonderful fast, efficient and helpful (sometimes some smiles could help). The room are without trouble and you could have big bed, the view on Moscow is amazing (i was able to see the fireworks. Regarding foods you would not be sick (even if you are french), the personnel do the best to kept everything clean at any time even if a lot personne eat in same time. The only negative point could be the hotel is not really central but you have metro (10 min to reaching the center) next to and great park with a lot of activities. So you could chose this hotel without risk. Thanks for all (I was a bot hard with you with guide report sorry for that ;). Many thanks !

Really an Wonderful Hotel in a most convenient location

The Hotel Vega located few minutes from Partizanskaya Metro station scores high on all aspects a traveller looks for. Hotel is located just 4 stations away from Kremlin and you have a metro very 2 minutes. You don't realise the distance. The hotel is surrounded by Izmailovskaya flea market and a good shopping mall at 100-150 metres distance and you get everything at right price or much lower than any other country or city. The chocolates are at rock bottom prices, at half the price you get at Lindt factory sale outlet. The hotel has taken care of even the minutest detail. You name anything and the information is available in the hotel's guest directory in the room. The room service, toiletries, break fast and all other amenities all are of very good standards. I could not note any negatives to point out. Certainly, I will recommend and will not look for anything beyond Hotel Vega.
Murugappan S

An amazing beautiful stay

It was an amazing stay at Vega. I have spent three days here and the first day was my birthday. It was a great celebration to be here. I had my dinner in the Hotel Restaurant and food was amazingly delicious and worth spending. Price was also very reasonable. Rooms are clean. Amenities are also good. I was in 18th floor with a good view. It's slightly away from main Moscow city centre so the place is quiet and less crowded. If you are a peaceful person I would recommend to stay here. Also the nearby Kremlin is very beautiful with local people strolling here and there. The local market is very beautiful here to buy local stuff.
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