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Attention and priority

  • The hotel hostess will meet you as soon as you arrive at the hotel.
  • By booking online on the official website you get the advantage of accelerated registration, without too much waiting and queues.
  • When checking in at the hotel, we take into account the maximum of your wishes.

Exceptional comfort

  • To register it quickly and simply, sit in a comfortable chair, provide the necessary documents and the rest will we do.
  • Welcome drinks - champagne and lemonade are available for you at your request.
  • Free WIFI and ability to charge mobile devices.

Guest relations manager

  • Guest relations manager will happily register for you, saving you time.
  • The ability to choose the type, height of the floor of the room, to improve the category - this is our concern for you.
  • More information about free services, new services and the benefits of the loyalty program.

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