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Room Service

For a comfortable stay Room Service (food and drinks delivery) is available for you 24/7. Room Service menu offers a wide selection of snacks and hot dishes, desserts and drinks. You will find a main menu and seasonal offers in every hotel room. Enjoy a high-quality service and do not interrupt your rest.

Call 03-50 by phone from your room and delivery time will be no more than 30 minutes.

Room service benefits:

  • Room service works 24/7;
  • Only hits in the menu: cheesecakes (syrniki) and porridge - for breakfast, pizza, pasta, burgers, club sandwiches, salads - all day;
  • No minimum order amount and payment in any convenient way;
  • Waiting time for an order is 30 minutes;
  • Food preparation and delivery process occurs in accordance with the recommendations of Rospotrebnadzor at the hotel`s main restaurant kitchen;
  • There are two types of menu in each room: digital and classic.

Check out the menu: main menu (here)
Make an order: int. 03-50 / +7 (495) 956-05-06/

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