Hotel Vega Izmailovo
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Free services

Bicycles for rent
Take advantage of the free rental of bicycles to take a leisurely look at the sights of the capital.
Specify about the availability of bicycles at the reception.
VIP registration

When booking a room on the official website, you get the privilege of service on the VIP and Express racks, as well as a welcome drink.

We appreciate you, your time and with joy will emphasize your special status.

If you want to keep yourself in shape on vacation and on a business trip, there is a gym on site for you, which you can visit without limits.
The hall is on the 1st floor.
Luggage storage
Now you do not need to worry about where to leave your luggage to lightly stroll around the capital after leaving.
Leave your things in the free luggage room (until 24:00 of the current day) and enjoy the last moments of the trip!
Details at the reception.
Business center
This center is a real salvation for those who come to the capital without a laptop.
If you need to quickly create or print a file, it can be done on the 3rd floor of the Congress Center.
You can also use the Internet at the Business Center.
Cooler on the floor
A visit to the capital is always an adventure.
It is unlikely you want to pre-stock in the room for all occasions. Do not need!
On each floor of the hotel there is a cooler with hot and cold water to make you feel at home.
Ironing room
If your life is boiling with events and you do not have time to carefully pack your suitcase, do not worry about having to wear crumpled things.
Especially for you, we provided an ironing room on the floor.
You can change at any time.
Airport transfer service
You can take care of the trip in advance to save time and energy for travel.
Book a transfer at the hotel reception
or by phone +7 (495) 956 0506 (ext. 44-00).