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Fantasy and Inspiration Hall

  • Theater
  • Classroom
  • P-shape
  • Round table
  • Banket
  • Furshet

Area : 586 m2
Capacity : 470

Column Inspiration Hall, Fantasy and Small Fantasy with a laconic interior made in marine colors. Free layout of seating, the presence of a stage and professional lighting equipment make the hall convenient for both business and social events. The hall is equipped with a mobile partition, with which you can divide the room into 3 separate spaces. In front of the entrance is a large common zone and distinct bathrooms.

Fantasy and Inspiration Hall

  • Panoramic windows
  • Natural light
  • Built-in screen and projector
  • Air conditioning system
  • Sound system
  • Professional lighting equipment
cost 4 hours
from 55 000 RUB
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Coffee-break menu
Coffee break «Welcome»
190 rub.
Coffee break «Russian»
300 rub.
Coffee break «Sweet»
350 rub.
Coffee break «French»
350 rub.
Coffee break «Standart»
400 rub.
Coffee break «Italian»
450 rub.
Coffee break «Light breakfast»
550 rub.
Coffee break «Vegetarian»
850 rub.
Coffee break «Proper nutrition»
890 rub.
Coffee break «VIP»
1500 rub.