Hotel Vega Izmailovo
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Kustodiev Hall

  • Theater
  • Classroom
  • P-shape
  • Round table

Area : 61 m2
Capacity : 45

Spacious, with large panoramic windows, the bright Kustodiev hall is distinguished by its zoned layout. The hall is located on the ground floor of the hotel, near the main entrance of the hotel, which is a undoubted advantage. The design of the hall is made in brown tones of various shades, which helps to concentrate. An important feature of the hall is the availability of a distinct restroom.

Kustodiev Hall

  • Panoramic windows
  • Natural light
cost 4 hours
from 14 000 RUB
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Coffee-break menu
Coffee break "Economy"
130 rub.
Coffee Break "Standard"
200 rub.
Coffee Break "Classic"
260 rub.
Coffee-break "Business"
330 rub.
Сoffee break "Morning"
400 rub.
Mineral water 0.5 l.
80 rub.
Lunch Buffet
900 rub.
1000 rub.