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Cleanliness and comfort

Cleanliness and comfort

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Health, safety and comfort of our guests always have been the top priorities in our work. In the current epidemiological situation, we have imposed mandatory extended service standards, with constant monitoring of its implementation in order to guarantee you not only a high level of service, but also the protection of your health.

In our team we have a unique and highly demanded specialist nowadays - a sanitary doctor. Even prior to the new infection pandemic, Elena took care of your safety, exercising current sanitary supervision, currently, under her strict guidance, we train staff for work in new conditions, prepare safe rooms and breakfasts.

By choosing Vega Izmailovo Hotel & Convention Center, you can be sure that:

  • every week 10% of the hotel and restaurant employees are tested by PCR for the Covid-19 virus;
  • rooms are cleaned only by employees without signs of illness, including SARS and flu. Control is carried out through thermometry;
  • all surfaces in the room (including tables, light switches, cupboards handles, bedside tables, windows, doors, telephone and etc.) are treated with «Deson Ultra» disinfectant during every cleaning;
  • all cleaning equipment that we use is daily disinfected;
  • rooms airing during cleaning - is a mandatory procedure;
  • during laundering linen, towels and bathrobes, additional heat treatment is applied;
  • all room key cards are passed the necessary disinfection;
  • we have eliminated reusable paper media as much as possible;
  • room service (food delivery to the room) is carried out in contactless way;
  • in the current situation a large number of hotel rooms allows us to accommodate guests remotely from each other.

Before guest’s check-in, all rooms are not only cleaned according to standards, but also inspected by a senior room service supervisor. Selectively, rooms after cleaning are subjected for inspection by a sanitary doctor. Additional control over the quality of cleaning allows us to guarantee the cleanliness of your room.

After check-in, our call center staff will contact you by phone to clarify if you are satisfied with your room, the quality of the cleaning and whether you have any wishes. It allows us to quickly react and fix what could be done better.

We have also introduced additional measures to prevent and protect against coronavirus infection in public areas:

  • all contact surfaces (including POS terminals, railings, door handles, elevator call buttons and etc.) are treated with "Deson Ultra disinfectant" once per hour;
  • constant use of ultraviolet bactericidal recirculators;
  • additional heat and antiviral treatment of welcome drink glasses.

We consider the availability of high-quality cosmetics in individual packaging to be an important factor for your ideal stay.

All these hygiene items are single-use and are disposed of after the guest's check-out. We want you not to carry heavy hygiene and care products with you, as well as to give you pleasant sensations during bath procedures.

  • In Standard room category Hotel Collection cosmetics is presented

    In Standard room category Hotel Collection cosmetics is presented

    It is manufactured in Russia. The main advantage of this collection is the combination of modern laconic style and quality. Neutral fragrances and composition without artificial colors and parabens.

  • In the rooms: Suite VIP and Presidential Suite we will be glad to offer you cosmetics of Dermophisiologique brand (made in Italy)

    In the rooms: Suite VIP and Presidential Suite we will be glad to offer you cosmetics of Dermophisiologique brand (made in Italy)

    Dermophisiologique is the only brand that meets the requirements of organic cosmeceuticals and, at the same time, serves as an alternative to hardware methods of rejuvenation and mesotherapy.

We really appreciate your trust and every day do our best , so when you come to Vega Izmailovo Hotel & Convention Center you can completely relax, enjoy your vacation or fully concentrate on work during a business trip. Let us take care of you.